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Do I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Do You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer? Yes! The very fact that you’re pondering this question is a clear indicator that you do need a criminal defense attorney. And you don’t want just any lawyer, but an attorney with years of experience and expertise in criminal law. Even a minor criminal charge can land you […]

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The Insanity Defense in Recent Cases

The ‘American Sniper’ murder trial recently wrapped up in a Texas courtroom. Here in Washington, a high profile death penalty murder case is underway where defendant Christopher Monfort is accused of killing Seattle police officer Tim Brenton. So what do these two cases have in common? Defense of Insanity In both, defense attorneys are attempting […]

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An Insiders Look at the Hit Serial Podcast

Imagine being a teenager charged with murder. Imagine the victim is your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. Imagine getting convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Now imagine you’re innocent. That’s exactly what happened to 17 year-old Adnan Syed 15 years ago. Or is it? This is the question explored by the phenomenal Serial podcast that originally […]

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