Frequently Asked Legal Questions

We’re betting you have several burning questions you want answered, which is why we created this page. Here you’ll find simple and straightforward answers to the questions that really matter to you right now.

Our Firm & Fees

Do you guarantee a particular outcome?
Definitely not. Hiring an attorney is not like buying a car…there are no guarantees in the law when it comes to the outcome of a case. If an attorney ever makes you a guarantee, our best advice is to run out of his/her office as fast as you can because it means they are not being truthful with you. What we can promise you is that we will put forth our finest effort on your case and will achieve the best possible outcome for you as a result.
What kind of caseload do you have?

We keep our caseload small so we can focus on your case. Many attorneys cannot say this, and to be completely up front, we could not always say this either. When we first started gaining a high amount of success, we occasionally had a difficult time turning clients away. Lesson learned – we now always keep a highly manageable caseload. If you happen to catch us when we are at capacity, we will gladly refer your case out to a highly skilled and trusted colleague.

Do you personally handle all cases?

Yes, we personally handle every case from beginning to end.  We also typically personally appear at all court appearances.  On a rare occasion when we are both unavailable on a particular court date (due to being in trial on another case or a last minute hearing we are retained for) we will have another attorney stand-in for us.  However, unlike other some other law firms, when this occurs we do not send strangers to stand in for us. Rather, we only work with a very limited number of trusted colleagues to step in when need be. These attorneys will be fully informed about what is happening on your case and can always call us anytime if something were to occur that they needed our assistance on.  Usually the only thing a stand-in attorney would do is put your case over to another date when we can be personally present.

What types of fees agreements do you have?

We charge flat fees for representation. We have two primary types of agreements for pending cases: a pre-trial retainer, and then when needed, a trial retainer. The reason we break it up like this is due to the fact that the vast majority of cases do not end up going to trial; thus the trial retainer is often not even needed. We also have separate retainers for other matters such as pre-filing services if you have been arrested or are under investigation but no formal charges have been filed yet. If experts and/or investigators need to be hired, then this is a separate fee that our clients pay directly to the third party.

How much do you charge?

This varies greatly and depends upon the type of charge you are facing, the number of charges, the stage of proceedings, etc. We would need to have a full (FREE) consultation with you before being able to quote you a price.

Can I pay by the hour?
No, but the vast majority of the time, our clients come out far ahead of the game with flat fee agreements when compared to hourly agreements. The reason for this is simple. If we were to charge an hourly rate, it would be in the hundreds of dollars and we would literally have to charge you for every single minute we spend working on your case. This would include commuting time, time sitting around in court waiting for your case to be called, the time it takes to write motions/prepare an argument…the list goes on an on; before you know it, you are paying thousands more than you would have under a flat fee agreement. Flat fees also make things clearer for our clients. You never have to worry about getting an unexpected legal bill in the mail; rather, you know up front what the charges are going to be. Lastly, it’s easier for us…rather than “watching the clock,” we can simply focus on your defense.
Do you accept payments?
Yes. We do not require you to pay the entire retainer up front. That said, we do not extend payment plans out for months on end. Typical payment plans would require a minimum of 50% down with the other 50% due over the course of 2-3 months. Upon request of our clients, we will sometimes allow payments to be broken up over a longer period of time. One thing we do not do, however, is enter into a payment plan where a client will pay us “upon the conclusion of the case” or “depending upon the outcome.”