Client Consent to Joint Representation

  • In your accident claim/case, we are representing you. In addition, we also will be representing other claimant(s) in the accident. Because we represent you as well as other claimant(s), you need to be informed of this dual or multi-representation because it may create potential conflicts of interest that may become inconsistent with the interests and objectives of you or the other claimant(s). This conflict may arise because the driver of the vehicle may be partially at fault and you may have a claim against the driver for damages, or there may be insufficient money to compensate all claimants we represent against the responsible parties and you may not be able to recover all of your damages. At this time, the firm is investigating and will continue to investigate all claims by all the claimants we represent in this accident. We certainly will not be representing anyone who we believe bears responsibility in the accident. If we believe we cannot fairly and adequately represent you, we will advise you.

    We are requesting your consent to our joint representation at this time so that we can adequately investigate the accident and/or represent both or all of our clients even if there may be competing interests of the clients.

    We will continue to advise if we believe there are any further potential conflicts of interest, but at this time your consent is requested to represent you and/or both or all of clients in this accident.

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